BMW Welt - BMW European Delivery

The Best Way to Pick Up Your New BMW

The BMW European Delivery or ED is an unforgettable experience that more people should know about. It offers a unique way of having the first encounter with your new BMW M5 car.

The European Delivery allows you to travel to the BMW plant in Munich, take your new BMW for a drive, and then have the car shipped to your address. This may seem an additional effort and expense at first, but the actual experience is not very different from an exciting date! That is exactly how the people at BMW have designed the experience.

BMW Welt - BMW European Delivery

As soon as you arrive in Munich, a BMW representative will receive you, and drive you quickly to the BMW Welt, which is an impressive and gigantic facility that will astound you. Another representative greets you and offers you a briefing on your new car while the team prepares the car for the first meeting. The briefing lasts for nearly an hour and a half after which your car floats down in a glass elevator. Is it love at first sight already?

You then have the permission to take the car out for a drive (in order to know it better) around Munich and in fact as far across Europe as you would like to. Isn’t that amazing? It all depends how long you can afford to stay in Europe.

You can drive your BMW M3 out to the most scenic spots across Europe and in fact have a mini European road trip holiday. This way you get the feel of the car and have a memorable first drive. After completing the drive, you simply take the car back to the BMW Welt and leave for home. The company will ship the car to you at your address. If you are in the United States, delivery from the Munich Welt can take up to 8 weeks and even go up to 10 weeks.

BMW European Delivery

If you think the European Delivery experience is only for those with deep pockets, you are mistaken. The European Delivery experience offers real savings, which you can spend on the trip to Munich. Moreover, the shipping charges are also included in the final price, so nothing additional goes out of your pocket. The European Delivery is something that you should certainly not miss. All you need is some good planning to set aside a few days for your memorable first meeting with your BMW M4.

Other European Deliveries

Many other German brands also have european delivery programs including Audi and Porsche. Porsche’s program has been one of the legecy programs that have existed for decades. To learn more about the Porsche delivery program and the Porsche 997, Porsche 991, go check out