BMW i8

BMW i3 and i8 – the 21st Century BMWs

Few automobile companies have latched on to the electric future that BMW has. The leading global auto manufacturer has been investing heavily in developing more energy-efficient fully electric and hybrid models over the years, the best example of which is the BMW i-series. While the BMW i3 is a smaller model, it is fully electric. On the other hand, the hybrid BMW i8 can give some of most dynamic cars on the road a run for their money. These models show that the company is really committed to the electric car concept.

The BMW i8 is a revolutionary sports model from the leading auto manufacturer of the world and is ideally suited for those who prefer the performance of the combustion engine. Although it looks and feels like a true sports car, the energy-efficient technology helps the BMW i8 to produce minimal emissions that are comparable to those of a compact car.

The technology enables the car to switch over between electric to combustion engine seamlessly giving a pleasurable driving experience. Fuel consumption is low, thanks to the low body weight achieved with the use of LifeDrive architecture and use of extremely light carbon fiber in the construction of the structure.

The BMW i3 is the compact model in the series. The manufacturers have created a highly efficient and compact car with a design that is bound to become the envy of the road. Lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) has been used in the construction of the foundation. The car is extremely environmentally friendly especially when you look at its interiors. The material used in making the seats is natural leather while the material used for the dashboard is natural eucalyptus wood. The external design is aerodynamic thanks to the streamlined design, which helps the car to achieve competitive speeds.

These models show that BMW is truly excited and serious about the future of electric cars. The company also seems to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of the market, which is why; they have incorporated variety in the model line by offering fully electric and hybrid models.

With louder calls made for sustainability within the industry as well as by consumers, the company seems ready to strike the balance between style, performance, and sustainability. Where research in materials and design has made the production of lighter materials possible, the company is ready to make the best use of those to develop cars that are more efficient.