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Welcome to BMW Style, your one source website for all things BMW. We cover all the exciting lifestyle with BMW as a companion to it. Learn what other fellow owners and enthusiasts do with their lives, and how their BMW vehicle is part of the experience.

BMW is known as Bavarian Motor Works and was founded in 1916 and originally started as a airplane engine manufacturer. After World War 1, BMW focused on motorcycles and then later on automobiles. Today BMW produces motorcycles, plug-in electric cars and luxury automobiles including Mini cars and Rolls-Royce.

BMW grew up as part of American culture really in the 1980’s. As part of the money-loving, Wall Street Greed-is-good-ethos, the BMW was the car of choice for the Y.U.P.P.I.E.s (Young Urban Professional) of that time as well as the road driving car enthusiasts. With the slogan of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, BMW cemented its place as an uber-car manufacturer with cars like the E28 M5, the E24 M6, the E36 M3, the E46 M3 and of course the legendary E30 M3.

In the 00’s BMW raced toward the leading edge of automotive design with Chris Bangle, the controversy design director, in charge of that decades BMW shapes and curves. Now in this decade, BMW has taken the lead again in integrating their cars with the latest technologies  and dogmas. BMW has made cars that embracing the lifestyle of the BMW driver – people who love great design, well-made German cars, the latest technologies/gadgets and has eco-consciousness.

BMW E28 M5

Is BMW Part of Your Life?

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